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Meet Audra Leigh Guglietta

I am a self-taught baker who grew up stealing tips and tricks from the amazing chefs around me. Almost all of my family members have a passion for cooking, and it has been a big part of my upbringing. Cooking is very therapeutic and stress relieving for me. But my favorite part about throwing down in the kitchen is seeing the joy of people eating my creations.

My Site

For the DIY lovers, check out my blog where I post all my recipes so you can try them out at home! The recipes range from difficulty levels, but none are impossible.

If you burn the water you put to boil, let me provide for all your baking needs. Book me for themed cakes and cupcakes. Need some breakup cookies delivered quick? No problem. Want to send a delicious loaf to a friend or family member? I've got you. My shop will be up and running early 2021!

Some Facts About Me

I have an undying love for creating things, Pisces here. I play many instruments and I am a huge DIY craft lover.

Nature is one of my biggest inspirations in the kitchen. Looking at awe-inspiring scenery is one of my favorite activities. I love hiking, rock climbing, walking my dog, and everything outdoors.

I am a young, energetic entrepreneur and aspiring cook book author and restaurateur

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